Why Flexigo?

Mobility as a Service

With the aim of lowering your cost of transportation per mile while reducing your carbon footprint, we enable corporations to manage all modes of corporate mobility from one single platform. Single point of management yields vital insights into your mobility patterns; data gathered feeds our machine learning tools to help you set sound corporate mobility strategies based on hard figures and comprehensive analysis. With Flexigo at your service, determining which mode of transportation to choose—or deciding when to replace your fleet with electric, and eventually autonomous, vehicles—will be seamless and straightforward.

Whether it’s assisting with daily commutes, trips to meetings, airport transfers, or personal mobility needs, Flexigo’s integrated solutions increase the ratio of employees switching to shared mobility modes that benefit all. Flexigo’s comprehensive package of services includes:

FlexigoShuttle SaaS

Corporate commuter shuttle system – replaces inefficient single-occupancy commutes with the comfort, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of a company-wide commuter solution.


Company car-sharing platform – facilitates employee mobilization via a streamlined book, unlock, and drive a shared corporate car model.


Closed-circuit ride-hailing platform – optimizes work-related trips via solo, shared, and/or pooled rides, ensuring safe, clean, reliable, and on-brand corporate transportation.

Calendar Sync

Smart concierge service – allows Flexigo to plan your transportation and book your rides on your behalf so you can focus on more important things.

Tracking & Invoicing

Taxi and ride-hail invoicing and mileage tracking – simplifies cost-tracking and expensing for employees not opting into Flexigo’s shared transportation options.


Corporate mobility data assessment tool – delivers comprehensive analysis, insights,and guidance based upon your corporate mobility activities///patterns to iteratively improve your entire mobility strategy.