Mileage Reporting

Some employees may not opt in to FlexiShuttle and will continue to drive their own car to work; others may hail rides or take taxis to company meetings instead of taking advantage of FlexiRide or FlexiCar.

Long gone are the days of messy piles of receipts and confusing mileage usage reports: our instantaneous, automated mileage tracking and speedy cost reimbursement tool streamlines the process for employee and employer alike.

Our Mileage Reporting tools breaks the
process down into three easy steps :

Choose manual or automated mode to mark trip start and end and to track distance and time.

Select transport mode (personal car, taxi, ride-hail), enter the reason, then take a picture of the invoice and upload to the app upon arrival.

Invoice and mileage data is automatically relayed to the company’s HR and finance departments for efficient cost-tracking and expedient reimbursement.