Why Flexigo?

Flexigo for Hospitals

Accommodating the changing shifts of employees has never been easier — thanks to FlexiShuttle. HR integration makes managing turnover and shift information a breeze, while offering FlexiShuttle as a perk not only attracts and motivates a sought-after workforce, but also boosts retention rates — and reduces parking space needs.

FlexiCar can be deployed as a station-based or free-floating (one-way) service, depending on the demographics and specific demands of your region, providing shared vehicles to customers for both business and leisure purposes.

FlexiRide is a demand-based ride-pooling tool that lets you manage more dynamic on-demand transit requirements. Our state-of-the-art routing and optimization algorithms pool people going the same direction and reroute vehicles in real time to do much more with less, meaning you won’t be stuck with underutilized resources or fixed routes circulating on set schedules without passengers.

Ultimately, meeting the changing schedules of your employees through commuter shuttles and ride-sharing while also providing clients with your own branded ride-hailing service boosts employee morale and enhances your company image.