Driving to work: costly, stressful, and increasingly archaic

With over 128 million Americans—a whopping 85% of the U.S. workforce—driving to work, the average American spends the equivalent of 32 days behind the wheel commuting to and from work each year. Studies have shown that driving as little as 10 miles per day has numerous detrimental effects on health, including decreased happiness, anxiety, chronic stress, high blood pressure, exhaustion, rage, and anger. Given those facts, it’s no wonder long commutes are the main driver behind employee turnover — and a likely source of reduced efficiency and productivity

Your shuttle will arrive in 15 messages
Your shuttle will arrive in 15 messages

With over 128 million Americans—a whopping 85% of the U.S. workforce—driving to work, the average

FlexiShuttle, your company’s smartest commute solution

Grow your company by maintaining a happy workforce with FlexiShuttle—a scalable, turn-key, monthly subscription commuter shuttle management tool that reduces the financial and environmental costs of commuting and provides your employees with a convenient, comfortable, and stress-free commute.

How FlexiShuttle Works

Register you company and upload your personnel list to the Flexigo system.

Within 48 hours of making your request, Flexigo provides a quote based on your employees’ home zip codes A per seat, monthly subscription fee is calculated according to the commute distance of each rider. See more...

Upon completion of registration, your customized FlexiShuttles will be up and running within a month.

Shuttles are dynamically routed based on passengers’ addresses and riders are picked up from the same location—within 1000 ft. of their homes—at the same time every day. See more...

Riders can track their shuttles in real time through the app and receive notifications when they are approaching; they can also report when they will not be using the shuttle, just as they can book a ride on a different shuttle within the network if they are not heading back home after work — or if they’re heading to another company campus. See more...

All operations are accessible to corporate customers on Flexigo’s web-based portal for real-time tracking, usage statics, and financial information See more...

Benefits of FlexiShuttle

Cut costs, curb carbon, and boost contentment — an all-win proposition. The advantages of a smart, shared commute solution speaks for itself, but here are a few selling points to help convince you help you gauge how you’ll benefit…


  • Reduce up to 70% of commute-related costs absorbed by employer.
  • Reduce up to 50% of employee turnover and turnover-related costs.
  • Reduce parking costs while eliminating hiring restraints related to limited parking.
  • Recruit top-tier talent by improving accessibility and offering commuter benefits.*
  • Comply with mandatory commuter benefits ordinances and receive pre-tax commuter fringe benefits exemptions.**
  • Lower emissions to meet carbon neutralization goals.


  • Reduce up to 60% of costs involved in driving to work.
  • Gain an average of 290 extra hours per year of “found time” to work or rest that was previously wasted behind the wheel.
  • Improve mental well-being, reduce commute-related stress, and increase productivity.
  • Enjoy on-time arrival without the stress of rushing or being stuck in traffic.

* Some states and cities have passed mandatory commuter benefits ordinances requiring every employer with 20 or more full-time employees to offer them Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefit (QTFB), which allows both employers and employees to receive tax benefits through the pre-tax purchasing of public transit fares, including vanpool fares.
** Flexigo qualifies as a pre-tax commuter fringe benefit and eliminates the need for parking, providing our clients with total savings of up to 70%.

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Flexigo is a Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefit

  • Riders can use up to $270 of their pre-tax income to pay for Flexigo services.
  • Employers may reduce their payroll tax contribution.
  • Our admin panel and automated reports make it easy to comply with commuter benefits ordinances.