your private ride-hailing network

Our closed-circuit ride-hailing platform, FlexiRide, makes corporate trips easier, safer, and more on-brand than ever before. Whether it's airport transfers or company comfort first. With FlexiRide's private ride-hailing service, you can ensure vehicles are properly sanitized, drivers are age infinitely safer, cleaner, and sleeker than public transportation or open-circuit services.

Book solo rides or let our smart algorithms pair colleagues neagea in tne same direction in pacts tor better mei economy and cost-efficiency. Just let Flexigo know where you want to go; we’ll make the optimal arrangements to get you there with FlexiRide, guaranteeing a smooth journey, a punctual delivery, and s seamless end-to-end experience.

How FlexiRide Works

Let our app know where you want to go; based on company policies, demand, and real-time traffic, FlexiRide will hail you a pooled or solo ride.


Set departure point, destination, and time of departure


Smart algorithms search for colleagues going in the same direction to pool the ride; if there’s no match, a solo ride is booked.


Track designated vehicle through the app.


Report usage reason to finance department.