FlexiAI is a centralized tracking, reporting, and analysis tool that aggregates data related to your corporate mobility patterns to provide insights and tips, track budgets and expenditures, make calculations and forecasts, evaluate employee suggestions and feedback, and help you determine the best solutions to meet your specific needs, be they based on the reduction of costs or emissions or another mobility-related goal. FlexiAI lets you set goals and parameters, plug in data, and tweak the knobs of your mobility settings so you can configure and implement your optimum mobility strategy.

FlexiAI aggregates and crunches data to
generate valuable insights. Input and
output may include:


  • Commute methods and frequency, filtered by employee, department, and campus
  • Frequency of daytime mobility modes, including personal cars, FlexiCar, FlexiRide, or other services (private cars, ride-hailing, or taxis)
  • Cost and emission parameters per mode of transport and vehicle type
  • Fleet distribution (owned, leased, or on demand)


  • Success rate of decreasing single-car riderships
  • Tips for reducing cost-per-mile and emission-per-mile
  • Fleet distribution and composition breakdown, plus “what if” analysis