Calendar Sync

Sync your calendar with the Flexigo app and let it manage all your corporate mobility needs - you’ll come to trust it as your personal mobility concierge // smart mobility assistant.

Calendar Sync automates smart bookings and helps you choose the best option for all your upcoming mobility needs - in advance, and optimized with real-time data.

Based on your calendar, Flexigo
determines if and when to:

Reserve you a spot on the FlexiShuttle for your daily commute, matching your standard work hours.

Check you out of FlexiShuttle to book you a FlexiCar instead when a morning or evening outing is noted in your calendar.

Book you a FlexiCar or FlexiRide — based on traffic conditions and availability — for daytime meetings marked on your calendar; if neither service is available, Flexigo will prompt you, in advance, to catch a cab or hail a commercial ride to ensure on-time arrival.

Thanks to our advanced calendar sync function, we aim to make corporate mobility so seamless, you don't have to ‘think 'about it.